Formula 3 Australian Drivers Championship

IN 2009 the 53 years history of Australia’s premier racing award – the Australian Drivers Championship – and one of the most influential and well-recognised brands in all of Motorsport; Formula 3; will be closer than ever before.

Formerly the Australian Formula 3 Championship, in 2009 Australia’s premier Open wheel series will be known as the Formula 3 Australian Drivers Championship. Now more than ever, the great history and tradition of two famous racing brands will work, unified, as one to promote young driving talent from around the world.

It is Australia’s only truly international formula. Race a Formula 3 car in Europe and the experience is exactly the same should you race one here – hence the series’ position as such a good talent developer.

But whilst the name may have changed the concept remains the same. Australia’s fastest racing cars – thanks two two-litre, 240bhp four cylinder engines, slick tyres and wings – going head to head on the best tracks in the land all the while giving young driving talent every tool they need to develop as a driver and forge a career domestically, or internationally.

The Graduates of the Australian Drivers Championship and Formula 3 in Australia are as successful as they are now famous. Scott Dixon – IndyCar champion and Indy 500 winner, IndyCar star Will Power. Five-time v8 Supercar champion Scott Dixon. Jason Bright. Jason Bargwanna and a host of V8 Supercar talent like Rick Kelly have Gold star success under their belts. And the young guns of the sport – Karl Reindler, Michael Caruso and others – have all succeeded at the highest level of Australian Formula 3.

Also keep an eye out for the visiting Internationals; In the past three years the likes of James Winslow, Charlie Hollings, Marco Mapelli and Ben Clucas have all come to Australia to race in our competitive series.

Even Bruno Senna – nephew of the great Ayrton – has tasted success in Formula 3 Australia; he won his first ever car race during an Australian F3 race at the Grand Prix in Melbourne, in 2006.

In 2009 the series will be stronger than ever. Constant evolution and development has seen the 2005 / 6 / 7 generation cars amongst the fastest Open Wheelers ever to race for the Gold Star. The competition between professional teams and well-credentialed privateers is intense and as a result the series continues to draw high levels of media exposure thanks to the many storylines involved.

In 2009 the series will again have the support of Kumho Tyres as an official tyre supplier and sponsor, and will continue to be the headline act at Shannons Nationals rounds across Australia.

2009 will see racing take place in four states, starting at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide and visiting circuits like Wakefield Park, Winton, Sandown, Eastern Creek, Oran Park and Phillip Island – where F3 cars lap even quicker than world championship motorcycles!

It’s fast racing, furious racing and the best category around for giving young drivers the tools they need to progress into a career in motorsport.

Remember the name: The Formula 3 Australian Drivers championship, racing for the CAMS Gold Star.

2008 Champion: James Winslow, Dallara F307 Mercedes

2009 Calendar
R1. Adelaide (Clipsal 500), 19-22 March
R2. Wakefield Park, 25-26 April
R3. Phillip Island, 16-17 May
R4. Winton Raceway, 27-28 June
R5. Eastern Creek, 18-19 July
R6. Queensland Raceway (V8 Supercars), 21-23 August
R7. Oran Park, 29-30 August
R8. Sandown Raceway, 28-29 November

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