Australian Production Car Racing resurgence continues
13/07/2009 at 4:38:40 AM:

Production Car racing in Australia could not be healthier with an outstanding 28 car entry for round two of the Australian Manufacturers Championship at Eastern Creek on July 18-19. The category which is part of the Shannons Nationals, is further boosted by the recent announcement of Boylan Traffic Solutions as the naming rights backer for the remainder of the 2009 Championship.

“This is another key foundation stone along with the 12 hour event at Bathurst in the rebuilding of true production based motor sport in Australia,” claimed category commercial manager Aaron McGill. “With the Global Financial Crisis affecting motor sport the world over, the timing is right for this cost effective category to experience rapid growth and the AMC is on a lot of competitors’ radar.”

“Everyone is aware of the pioneering legends of motor racing in Australia” said Boylan Traffic Solutions Managing Director Peter Boylan. “Moffat, Bond, Morris, Goss along with my friend Peter Brock gave us a heritage of high performance road going motor sport that will be rediscovered by a new generation of competitors and fans. My experience in business is that if you offer something special, interesting and it’s what people are looking for, you’re on a winner and I’m sure this category is bound for greater things in the future.”

The Eastern Creek roll up is the biggest field seen outside of the Bathurst endurance events and is spearheaded by series leader and 2007 Australian Production Car Champion Garry Holt. His BMW 355i Turbo is the pre event favourite for the High Performance Rear Wheel Drive Class A2 as well as fancied to strongly challenge the might of Class A1 (High Performance All Wheel Drive).

In Class A1 Bathurst 12 Hour winner Rod Salmon (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10) again goes head to head with Lee Castle’s Subaru Impreza WRX STi after a fiery encounter at round one but will have to watch out for the Pro Duct Lancers of Mark King and Bob Pearson as well as tarmac rally star Steve Glenney who is similarly mounted. Veteran touring car ace Jim Hunter completes the class in another Subaru.

In Class A2 Holt will have numerous Holdens and Fords to combat in a German engineering verses Aussie V8 grunt scenario. Steve Briffa heads the Lion assault in his VE Clubsport with support from Tim Sipp while former GT Performance runners Jim Pollicina and Anthony Loscialpo are in superseded HSV’s. Debuting from that extinct category in a pair of Donut Kings backed HSV Coupes will be Tony Alford and Barry Nesbitt while on the Ford side of the ledger are the improving Chris Delfsma, back in his Falcon GT after an outing in Commodore Cup, and Matt Brady in a new XR8.

Former Production Car Champion David Ryan returns in his Falcon XR6 Turbo but will be hard pressed by the sensational Jake Camilleri and his Mazda 3 MPS which is the combination to beat in Class B for Hot Hatches and Sedans and has even more than held its own in the outright stakes. They will be joined by former touring car driver Graham Lusty out of retirement in another turbo Falcon and the BMW 130i pair of Allan Shephard and Peter O’Donnell.

Hoping for a change of luck where his team mate Stuart Jones took Class C Production Sports round one honours will be another former champ Toyota Celica driver Colin Osborne. The pair will be matched in speed by the Mini Cooper S of Shaun Keogh and Terry Conroy’s Honda Integra.

There are three private practice sessions earmarked for Friday July 17 (9:50am, 12:25am and 3:05pm) before one practice session on Saturday morning, July18 at 9:50am. A 20 minute qualifying session kicks off at 12:35pm and race one of 9 laps is scheduled for 3:40pm. There will be two further races on Sunday, July 19, again over 9 laps duration commencing at 11:29am and the second at 2:14pm.

The Australian Manufacturers Championship, incorporating the Australian Production Car Championship for drivers, allows a wide-ranging list of vehicles sold in the domestic motor car market to take to the track and compete for a prestigious CAMS title. The two-pronged Championship awards the vehicle manufacturer, as well as the ultimately successful driver, over five rounds of action-packed racing. Five separate classes make up the Championship and provide one of the most electric fields of competitors in Australian motor sport. Incorporating High Performance vehicles all the way through to those running on Alternative Energy, the Australian Manufacturers Championship places style alongside muscle, ingenuity versus agility, and continent against continent. What ensues is intense racing.

CLASS A1 High Performance Vehicles All Wheel Drive (under $125k)
10 Rod Salmon (NSW) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10
25 Wilson Brothers Racing Lee Castle (NSW) Subaru Impreza WRX STi
33 Pro-Duct Motorsport Bob Pearson (NSW) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10
35 Pro-Duct Motorsport Mark King (QLD) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10
44 Johnson Window Films Jim Hunter (NSW) Subaru Impreza WRX STi
111 Mt Vincent Racing Team Steve Glenney (SA) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10

CLASS A2 High Performance Vehicles Rear Wheel Drive (under $125k)
5 Jost Australia Marty Miller (NSW) Holden VZ HSV Clubsport R8
7 Martini Racing Jim Pollicina (NSW) Holden VY HSV Clubsport R8
8 Briffa Smash Repairs/McGrath Holden Steve Briffa (NSW) Holden VE HSV Clubsport R8
9 Matthew Brady Matthew Brady (NSW) Ford Falcon BF XR8
20 Eastern Creek Karts/2UE Garry Holt (NSW) BMW 335i
21 Century 21 Hazelbrook Chris Delfsma (NSW) Ford Falcon BF GT
23 GSK Group Tim Sipp (QLD) Holden VE HSV Clubsport R8
32 GSK Group Gerard Keogh (QLD) Holden VE HSV Clubsport R8
37 Excelerate Motorsport/Tempest Air Anthony Loscialpo (NSW) Holden VY HSV Clubsport R8
54 Donut King Monaro Performance Tony Alford (QLD) HSV GTS Coupe
56 Donut King Monaro Performance Barry Nesbitt (NSW) HSV GTS Coupe

CLASS B Hot Hatches and Sedans
6 Graham Lusty Trailers Graham Lusty (NSW) Ford Falcon BF XR6 Turbo
27 GWS Personnel Allan Shephard (NSW) BMW 130i
28 GWS Personnel Peter O’Donnell (NSW) BMW 130i
30 David Ryan David Ryan (NSW) Ford Falcon BF XR6 Turbo
36 Grand Prix Mazda Jake Camilleri (QLD) Mazda 3 MPS
67 JMG Maintenance Super Hoist Jeremy Gray (NSW) Ford Falcon FG XR6 Turbo
99 Auto-Motion Australia Matt McGill (NSW) Ford Falcon AU XR8

CLASS C Production Sports
13 Osborne Motorsport Colin Osborne (NSW) Toyota Celica
22 Disc Brakes Australia Terry Conroy (NSW) Honda Integra Type S
31 Osborne Motorsport Stuart Jones (NSW) Toyota Celica
50 Mid West Multi Media Shaun Keogh (QLD) Mini Cooper S

Friday July 17 – Practice 9:50, 12:25, 15:05
Saturday July 18 – Practice 9:50 – Qualifying 12:35 – Race One (9 laps) 15:40
Sunday July 19 – Race Two (9 laps) 11:29 – Race Three (9 laps) 14:14

OUTRIGHT: Holt 82, Castle 78, Salmon 71, Camilleri 62, Jones 60, B Brewer 58, Briffa 58, Crimp 54, S Keogh 52, Delfsma 50, Brady 50, Shephard 39, McGill 37, Miller 34, O’Donnell 34, Osborne 32, G Keogh 22, Sipp 20.
Class A1: Castle 78, Salmon 71, Crimp 54.
Class A2: Holt 82, B Brewer 58, Briffa 58, Delfsma 50, Miller 34, G Keogh 22, Sipp 20.
Class B: Camilleri 62, Brady 50, Shephard 39, McGill 37, O’Donnell 34.
Class C: Jones 60, S Keogh 52, Osborne 32.
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