Saloon Car: Back to back winner extends lead
26/07/2007 at 11:40:41 PM:

With two wins and a second, reigning Supaloc Australian Saloon Car Champion Bruce Heinrich edged towards another title with his round five win at Eastern Creek on July 15.

It the second round victory in a row for the South Australian and his Ford Falcon AU, besting arch rival Queenslander Kris Walton whose similar Ford won the first race, and followed that up with two seconds.

Another South Australian Steve Kwiatkowski was third in his Falcon AU while the West Aussie, Clint Harvey’s return to the series, after missing two rounds, was a rewarding one as he was fourth overall.

Heinrich’s victory increased his lead in the championship while Walton was again bumped off the track whilst in a strong position – actually leading the third race at the time. “I had a very consistent car and even when I was behind, I felt I had the pace to get back with them,” Heinrich enthused.

Queenslander Scott Nicolas was the best starter in the first race. From the second row he squeezed his AU Falcon between the front pair of pole sitter Walton and Heinrich to grab the lead.

For several laps Nicolas withstood Walton’s attempts to get past as Kwiatkowski and Harvey made it a five way tussle. Behind them SA’s Shawn Jameson’s Holden and NSW’s Peter Dane (who started his Ford from the back of the grid after electing to run new tyres) were also major movers.

Nicolas finally succumbed at the front when the gearbox broke. Walton went on to win from Heinrich and Kwiatkowski. Jameson ended up fourth, just ahead of Dane, Harvey and the late challenging John Goodacre (Holden). Kevin Weeks was next in another Holden while Nicolas limped home ninth. A broken axle made Troy Hoey’s Falcon the only non finisher.

Heinrich won the drag away in the second race and led until Walton passed him on the long main straight when Heinrich missed a gear change. The lead was short lived as Heinrich slipped through at turn two a later and went on to win.

Third throughout was Kwiatkowski while Nicolas came through to consolidate fourth. The battle for fifth was tight one, ultimately going to Harvey just ahead of Weeks from the rear of grid. Dane was in this mix as well but spun at turn two as a result of contact with Weeks while Jameson was out early with a blown head gasket.

Walton won the start over Heinrich in the last and Nicolas soon moved to second. Towards the rear, Shane Smollen (Falcon) and Jamieson speared off at turn one after contact.

Contact between the leading pair at turn one, the second time around, saw both off and put Heinrich back at the front for the duration.

Walton regained the track fairly quickly, losing some places but fought back finish a distant second as Weeks was third ahead of Lovell, Dane, Kwaitkowski and Harvey. It was a Ford whitewash – Weeks failed to take a drive through penalty for a startline infringement and was relegated to 15th while fellow Holden runner Goodacre retired with a very smokey engine.

The Australian Saloon Car Company (TASCCO) is a foundation member of the CAMS National Racing Championship, one of the five core categories (Production Cars, F3, Saloon Cars, Commodore Cup and GT/Porsche) in partnership with CAMS that now make up the Shannons Nationals.

The popular six cylinder Holden Commodore verse Ford Falcon category is supported by Supaloc Steel Building Systems, Pedders Suspension, Kumho Tyres, Xtreme Clutch, EMS Fuel Injection, Cebco Brakes and CSA Alloy Wheels.

Supaloc Australian Saloon Car Results @ Round 5

Race One (9 laps)

1 Kris Walton (QLD) Ford Falcon AU 16:34.2333

2 Bruce Heinrich (SA) Ford Falcon AU 16:35.2692

3 Steve Kwiatkowski (SA) Ford Falcon AU 16:37.9506

4 Shawn Jamieson (SA) Holden Commodore VT 16:42.6187

5 Peter Dane (NSW) Ford Falcon AU 16:42.7133

6 John Goodacre (SA) Holden Commodore VT 16:43.1768

7 Clint Harvey (WA) Ford Falcon AU 16:43.5714

8 Kevin Weeks (SA) Holden Commodore VT 16:45.6994

9 Scott Nicholas (SA) Ford Falcon AU 16:49.7902

10 Brett Niall (WA) Ford Falcon AU 16:55.0876

11 Shane Smollen (NSW) Ford Falcon AU 16:56.6425

12 Robert Lonie (SA) Holden Commodore VT 16:56.9629

13 Michael Seal (NSW) Ford Falcon AU 17:02.6340

14 Malcolm Niall (WA) Ford Falcon AU 17:05.6464

15 Matt Lovell (SA) Ford Falcon AU 17:07.3952

16 Paul Pennisi (VIC) Holden Commodore VT 17:07.8117

17 Luke Westtall (NSW) Holden Commodore VP 17:10.2956

18 Geoff Brown (VIC) Ford Falcon AU 17:16.5906

DNF Troy Hoey (QLD) Ford Falcon AU 7 laps

Fastest Lap: Walton 1:48.8002

Race Two (9 laps)

1 Heinrich 16:35.5146, 2 Walton 16:35.7886, 3 Kwiatkowski 16:42.1695, 4 Nicholas 16:46.9042, 5 Harvey 16:49.5495, 6 Weeks 16:49.7387, 7 Lovell 16:54.3847, 8 Hoey 16:55.9090, 9 Goodacre 16:56.2248, 10 B Niall 16:58.0296, 11 Dane 17:00.2212, 12 Lonie 17:03.6964, 13 Seal 17:14.3278, 14 Brown 17:15.7340, 15 Smollen 17:16.1389, 16 Pennisi 17:17.0758, 17 Westtall 17:50.2633, DNF M Niall 6 laps, DNF Jamieson 1 lap. Fastest lap: Walton 1:49.3918

Race Three (6 laps)

1 Heinrich 11:06.7984, 2 Walton 11:11.4451, 3 Lovell 11:13.2162, 4 Dane 11:13.4104, 5 Kwiatkowski 11:13.9006, 6 Harvey 11:14.1744, 7 Hoey 11:17.7317, 8 Seal 11:19.4743, 9 B Niall 11:22.2804, 10 Jamieson 11:23.9617, 11 Lonie 11:25.7607, 12 M Niall 11:26.1432, 13 Nicholas 11:27.4677, 14 Brown 11:30.7755, 15 Weeks 11:45.7837, DNF Goodacre 4 laps, DNF Pennisi 3 laps, DNF Smollen 0 lap. Fastest lap: Heinrich 1:49.1461.

Supaloc Australian Saloon Car Championship 2007 Points (after five rounds)

Heinrich 478, Walton 448, Lovell 313, Goodacre 306, Kwiatkowski 298, Harvey 222, Nicholas 219, Hoey 210, Jamieson 167, Dane 164, Camilleri 163, Fox 148, Brown 108, Pennisi 101, Lonie 83, Weeks 69, B Niall 65, Dawson 61, Smollen 53, Piggott 40, Carrington 38, Van Gilst 34, Burr 33, Sutherland 33, M Niall 32, Seal 31, Rowse 30, Primmer 26, Mitchell 25, Smith 24, Kearns 23, Wade 17, King 16, Hamilton 15, Maltby 14, Whitford 10, Westtall 8, Monterosso 1.

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