Think you can drive as well as the guys on TV but don’t have a spare million dollars to show how? Why not jump into a Superkart and prove it!

Superkarts Australia’s ultimate kart racing class – 250 International – regularly produces quicker lap times than much more sophisticated and expensive machinery. Their lap times are up there with the best, both here and overseas, and for extreme motorsport action they are unquestionably the ultimate in ‘Bang For Your Buck’ motorsport.

And Superkarts do it for a fraction of the cost. They use up less fuel, less tyres, and less brakes than every other long circuit racing category. All this speed on a shoestring budget … what a bonus!

Superkarts are not just about the 250 Internationals, Superkarting in Australia caters to all levels of interest and budget. With several classes competing together in a relaxed and friendly environment, Superkart racing is the best possible way to get all the thrills of flat-out action on the same circuits as your heroes.